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I've been to the beach a few times this summer. I don't get picked up very often. In fact, almost never. Except the last time I went to the beach. A guy approached me even though I was lying down with my hat completely covering my face. He appeared out of nowhere. I turned my head and suddenly there were feet in front of me. 
"Hi, am I bothering you?"
I took off my hat and sat up. He wasn't bad-looking. Nice physique, big smile..
"Well, not really but-"
"I've been watching you and decided I should come over and say hi."
What a creepy thing to say. He plopped himself down in the sand, right next me. Too close. I inched back.
 "My name's Randy. What's yours?"
I hesitated.
"You're hot, Michelle."
I laughed out loud. What a jerk. Then he said,
"Well, I've only seen the front. You haven't gone in the water yet, so I don't know what your backside looks like."


I hate men.

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Anonymous said... you went for a swim?